CISCO AND CISCO PRODUCTIONS, INC. - We Produce Meaningful Events!           501(c)(3)

In 1987, Mrs. Yvonne Hipps-Cisco, the wife of Taylor Cisco Jr and the mother of Taylor Aaron and Catherine Julieanna, was diagnosis with terminal breast cancer. Yvonne was told to get her affairs in order and given only 3 month to live. After her miraculous recovery, she continued to be a scout leader for her children and continued doing community social service work. Her goal was to teach her children to give back to those in need by providing a helping hand.
Catherine and Taylor Aaron learned the importance of volunteering from their mom as planned.  Both children also developed a love for performing and a love for learning about other cultures. Taylor and Catherine grew up participating in pageants and talent shows across the United States.  After their mother developed cancer three more times, they decided to use their talents to host private events to spread awareness. Over the years, the family worked with organizations such as the American Cancer Society, Y-Me and various non-profit organizations to produce outreach events. It was the desire of the Cisco family to help find a Cure for cancer and to aide families facing cancer that led to the founding of Cisco and Cisco Productions, Inc.

Combining non-traditional events with Health Advocacy led to the purchasing of the Pageant state directorships and the development of the CCP Health Ambassador Program. Working with major Cancer organizations such as the American Cancer Society and grass-roots organizations such as Sister's Embracing Life, the Cisco family  continues to produce exciting meaningful events including health fairs, fashion shows and outreach activities to communities that are undeserved.